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Episode 102 - Ken Silva and the Fed Files

Episode 102 - Ken Silva and the Fed Files

An investigative journalist tells us about the FBI's role in the neo-Nazi movement in the US, and his research into government entrapment and data security.

Entrapment! Terrorism! Nazis! It’s time for our second episode!

Our guest is Ken Silva, an investigative journalist focused on data privacy and, more recently, the FBI’s role in right-wing extremism.

Ken and I discuss his work on the Fed Files, his investigative series at Headline USA based on documents he got access to through a source who…well, listen to our conversation, he explains it better than I can.

We get into the details of his in-depth research on the role of FBI informants within the neo-Nazi movement in the United States, some history on how the Feds’ tactical grab-bag was developed and used from the 1970s through to the 1990s, and how 9/11 and the Patriot Act really kicked ‘anti-terrorism’ into a higher gear.

Extra talkies include Oklahoma City, the concept of ‘inert material’, the ‘Nazi chud’ who fell in with the North Koreans, and more! Be sure to check the transcript for links to some of the things Ken mentions - I’ve linked some key subjects to relevant background reading, sources, and documents.

You can find Ken on X (formerly Twitter) here.

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